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Annual General Meeting - Wednesday April 24th - 7:00 p.m.  
Volunteer Appreciation - 6-7 p.m.

... A NIGHT FOR THE VOLUNTEERS!  - We are celebrating our Volunteers this night!  Please come early and enjoy a FREE Volunteer Appreciation Meal and a Drink on the House!  We have an amazing Club with so many Volunteers that do their part in making us successful!  Lets Celebrate this year! 




What was our Goal?  We need $120,000 + for the new chiller.  We were able to save on the cost with not requiring a new compressor rebuild right now.  Thats good news.  And... we have calculated $105,000 that we have right now.  WE ARE ON TARGET!! 

We do not know who donated online with National Sports Trust Fund in March!  We won't get that information until April.  What we do know... We are really close to achieving what we need for now... Thats great news again!  We will keep you updated!
Congratulations to every Member who has contributed to the Big Chill Campaign and to those members that haven't had a chance, Zack will be available going forward to take your donation and to select your rock of choice!  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


We have exciting news about our Rocks!  We have secured a 6th set of Rocks with Royal City Curling Club!  These rocks have inserts which is the way of the times.  There will be no drastic change to the ice when you return in the fall.  Our ice was oversized and you will be pleasantly surprised to find we had the room with no major construction.
Eventually, we will want to trade all our rocks in for new rocks with inserts and sharp striking bands.  These rocks from Royal City will give us a sample of what's to come.  A big thank you to Brent Pierce and the Royal City Curling Club Manager and Board!  

Parksville Curling Club Approved for Funding through the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF)

We are pleased to let everyone in our Oceanside community know that Parksville Curling Club has been approved for funding through the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) to help finance our new Chiller and related IcePlant upgrades as mandated by Technical Safety BC and Worksafe BC. Our Chiller will then be compliant and will not require further testing for 10years+. Our Club holds a reserve fund of $60,000 allotted for this project. We are looking for support from our Members and curling friends by way of a Tax Deductible donation towards the Chiller Campaign and specifically the Rock Handle Program.

What does this mean? From now until June 1st, 2019, members and friends of the Parksville Curling Club can make a charitable donation to the NSTF and have the funds earmarked to our project, in effect giving the Club temporary status as a charity. Any donations made through this program will qualify for official receipts for tax purposes.

The total cost for this project is $145,391. Our target for this NSTF is $80,000 +.

How do I donate?

All donations are made to the National Sports Trust Fund, through Sport BC. Donations can be made by cash, cheque or credit card and forms are available in the Parksville Curling Club office for those who wish to mail their contribution. The easiest way to donate is through the Sport BC/National Sport Trust Fund website using your credit card. You will receive a 2019 tax receipt immediately by email if you donate online.


1. Make your donation online with SportBC to get a tax receipt and you are using a credit card to pay - click DONATE link below. 

 This link will take you directly to the Sport BC NSTF Donation page. Once there: 


  1. Click One time gift
  2. Enter the Donation amount (if it is over 245.00 you must click other and manually input the amount-eg 300, 500, 1000, 5,000
  3. Personal donation - your name and contact information include your email address
  4. Project funding reference - choose your sport (drop down box-curling)
  5. Which curling project would you like to support? (drop down box-Parksville Curling Club)
  6. Read the paragraph and consent Click - Yes
  7. Provide your credit card payment information
  8. Click next and you are done. Your tax receipt will be emailed immediately to you for the 2019 tax year.




2. Or you can make your donation by cheque - complete the Donor Contribution Declaration form (available at the Parksville Curling Club or by clicking here for a printable version), sign this form. Our Club is Parksville Curling Club and the Project # P0398 The Big Chill; make your cheque payable to the National Sports Trust Fund. Mail both the cheque and the Declaration form directly to National Sports Trust Fund, 250-999 Canada Place, Vancouver BC V6C 3C1 or bring into Zack Kozak, Club Manager. We can mail it for you.


3. If you want to make a donation and do not require a tax receipt, you can make your cheque payable to Parksville Curling Club and see Zack Kozak, Club Manager for receipt.


4. After you have made your donation, you can complete your Rock Handle details with Zack Kozak, Club Manager and enjoy your personalized rock handle at the start of the 2019/20 Curling Season.

Minimum for Rock Handle $500 (1/2 rock) $1000 (full rock).


Once you have completed the donation to NSTF and completed the Rock Form at the Club, we will be placing your rock preference on the Recognition Wall located in the lounge area.

On behalf of the myself and your Board of Directors we thank you for supporting our Club and look forward to a very successful Campaign. I am available anytime for questions or assistance.

Penny Shantz

Zack Kozak

Additional information:




2019/2020 League Play

     Please let your League Captains know by April 30th if you plan to curl next year.  We are full and have room to grow with our 6th sheet!  We would like to get an idea on numbers for leagues.  Click here for contact info for your League Captain. 


New to curling or new to the Oceanside area?

Contact   Nancy Douglas   for information about curling at Parksville Curling Club

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