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The Big Chill Campaign - a message from your President


The Parksville Curling Club is required to replace our existing Chiller prior to start up of our ice plant in July 2019. This is a requirement mandated by Technical Safety BC and Worksafe BC. The costs involved for the Chiller and related IcePlant upgrades have been budgeted at 162,000. This amount includes all costs associated with the replacement.

The Chiller will then be compliant and will not require further testing or replacement for 10 years+.

Our Curling Club Lease was signed in April, 2018 with the City of Parksville (land owner), the RDN (building owner) and our Club. The Government can only grant a maximum 5 year lease. In 2023 we will be required to negotiate our lease once again. Our Club continues to grow with wait lists forming. We currently have 1200 curlers registered in leagues weekly and we have enrolled 45 new Members to our Club this year! We are also very active with bonspiels and special Events. Curlers registering in our Club bonspiels total 900! The Board administers a close relationship with both the City of Parksville and the RDN and we are confident with our growing numbers of the Club that our sport will always be part of the community. But first… the Campaign!

Our Club holds a building reserve fund that presently has available $60,000 allotted for this project. We are looking for support from our Members by way of a Tax Deductible donation towards the Chiller Campaign and specifically the Rock Handle Program.

We will continue to look at Corporate Sponsorship and Community and Regional and Federal Grants to raise funds to support our Club further.

CAMPAIGN OUTLINE - Goal: $80,000

Rock Handle Program - $500.00 (1/2rock) $1000 (full rock)

-name/sponsor inscribed in a rock handle with name or memory

All Donations will be granted tax receipts through the National Sports Trust Fund.

If you just want to make a donation and no rock involved you can make that donation and get the income tax receipt with NSTF as well.

BUT FIRST… All donations in JANUARY PLEASE! We are unable to accept donations until we are approved by the National Sports Trust Fund (NSTF). The application has been submitted and approval is anticipated January 2019. Once approved, you will be able to complete a donation online directly through the NSTF. (we can help you with that!)

As well, we will have a Rock Recognition Pledge Form available at the Curling Club. This Pledge Form will need to be completed. The form includes all details and must be signed off by Zack Kozak, Club Manager. Once he has signed off, you are guaranteed the rock handle, sheet #, color and your inscription details. This form will be available starting December 3rd at the Curling Club or click here to access a printable version of the pledge form.

We will have a Board up at the Curling Club in early January 2019 that will share our Members names and those rocks still available.

The new rock handles will be engraved during the off season and will be on the rocks at the start of the next curling season.

Thank you for your support. If you have any questions, please contact Zack Kozak, Club Manager or myself or check out the Frequently Asked Questions document.

Penny Shantz

Zack Kozak

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Refresher Clinic - Sunday January 13, 2019

We are pleased to offer a Refresher Clinic to all our Members!

TIME:  10:00, 11:00, noon or 1:00
COST:  $5.00 by donation to the Sandra Schmirler Foundation, pay when you attend.
YOUR INSTRUCTORS:  Cheryl Noble, Penny Shantz & Bill Tschirhart

This Clinic is a Drop In Clinic.  We will focus on you individually!  Bill will be working with all Stick Curlers!   Signup is not required prior to the day of the Clinic.  Please plan to attend a session on the hour.

2018 - 2019 League Play

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