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MEN’S:            Monday Evening Men’s League               Fall & Winter
                        Wednesday Morning Men’s League         Fall & Winter

LADIES:           Monday Morning Ladies League             Fall & Winter
                        Tuesday Evening Ladies League             Fall & Winter

MIXED:            Thursday Evening Mixed League            Fall & Winter

                         Doubles League                                     Fall & Winter

                         Saturday Six Pack League                     Fall & Winter

If you have a new team – contact the League Captain of the appropriate league to confirm that there is a spot for your team in that league.  If your team was previously in the league, contact the League Captain of your continuation.

If you are an individual – contact the League Captain in the event a team is short a player or to register as a spare.

Once a team spot is confirmed, individual registration is via the online registration system.


MEN’S:         Monday Afternoon Men’s League                Fall & Winter

LADIES:       Wednesday Afternoon Ladies League        Fall & Winter

MIXED:         Tuesday Morning Mixed League                 Fall & Winter
                     Thursday Morning Mixed League                Fall & Winter

STICK:          Tuesday Morning Stick League                   Fall & Winter

                     Thursday Afternoon Stick League               Winter

                      Friday Morning Stick League                      Fall & Winter


Registration is via the the online registration system.


ALL:                 Friday Morning                                         Fall & Winter

                        Tuesday Morning                                     Fall & Winter

                        Thursday Afternoon                                 Winter


Registration is via the online registration sytem.  For team of choice leagues contact the League Captain to confirm your spot. 


ALL:                 Friday Evening                                        Fall  League is not running this year

All                   Friday Evening                                         Winter League to be dtermined

Registration is via the online registration system.  Register a team or as an individual to be placed on a team or to spare.


ALL:                 Monday Afternoon                                   No Fall League, Winter League to be determined (Covid-19)

Registration is via the online registration system.  Register a team or as an individual to be placed on a team or to spare.


There is a lifetime membership fee of $25 for all leagues except rental leagues, special olympians and juniors.
All leagues must pay $18 Curl BC and $2 Curl Canada Fees if 13 years or older unless paid at another curling club.
All players in Pacific Coast Masters Curling Association designated leagues must pay $5 per curling club.

Starting in September 2020, leagues will be split into a fall and winter seasons.  The Fee for all regular leagues is $120. The fee for stick leagues is $60. The fee for Saturday Six Pack is $90.  Doubles league fees are $75. 
Junior league winter fee is $60. Friday evening recreational fun league is $120 per season..
There is a discount for playing in multiple leagues. Once total league fees exceed $500, a 15% discount will be applied. A Maximum of $725 applies to the league fee portion only.

Details about Spare Fees for 2020/21 can be found by clicking here.


After receiving confirmation that you are registered on a league or leagues, the process for payment of your fees should begin.

A “registration form” can be completed at anytime on the website once registration opens a manual application period will be arranged and can be submitted to the Manager, Zack Kozak, or Membership and League Fees Director.   When your fees are calculated you can pay online by credit card or pay at the club by cheque or debit card.

Requests for payment plans or post-dated cheques will be considered.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Can I register now for the Winter Leagues? Or Why are my fees less than they were last year?
    • Yes, you can register for the Winter Leagues now. Be reminded that last year there may have been only 1 Full Season from October to March for your particular league. This year that would be 2 full seasons. One for the Fall Season and one for the Winter Season.
  • What happens if Covid-19 shuts down the club?
  • What is the definition of a Full Season in the drop down box when I am registering for a league?
    • This year a Full Season corresponds to the league. For example a full season for a Fall League would be all 12 weeks. This year, we have no partial seasons.
  • I forgot my password and tried the link but don’t understand how to reset the password.
    • Please send a request for the Reset Password Procedure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (me) and I will be happy to send you a detailed step by step procedure.
  • I told my friends to register and they tried but said they couldn’t do it. Why not?
    • Registration starting August 20th 2020 is / was for existing members only. New members will be allowed to register starting September 1st This allows returning members first opportunity to join leagues.
  • Why am I still getting “how to register” emails after I have already registered?
    • The curling club system that we use tracks all members from the previous year as well as new members this year. Separately it also tracks members that have registered for this year. It does not track the difference, that being all members that have not yet registered. Therefore until registration is completed emails will continue to go to the all members list from the previous year. After registration is completed future emails will go to this year’s registered membership list.
  • Why do I get a new invoice for the total fees even after I made a payment?
    • The registration system generates an invoice for all fees the first time you register. It sends that invoice when you confirm your fees and leagues and before any payments you make. If you decide to go back into the system to change or register more leagues, the system generates a new invoice combining everything you are registering for (or have already registered for). That invoice is then emailed to you. The payment system then knows your total fees and credits you with any payments made previously. The net is what you would owe. The email invoice system does not get updates from the payment system.
  • When do my fees need to be paid?
    • All Fall Leagues fees are to be paid prior to the beginning of the Fall season. This year the Fall Season starts October1st therefore payment is required on or before September 30th.
    • All Winter Fees are to be paid prior to the beginning of the Winter season. This year the Winter Season begins January 4th therefore payment is required on or before January 3rd.
      • Please note special provisions for Winter Fee Refunds in the Refund Policy
  • How can it be that all regular members pay the same fee for playing time?
      • A regular game is 2 hours and the fee is $120 for each of the Fall and / or Winter Season. The Stick game is 1 hour long and the fee is $60 for each of the Fall and/ or Winter Season. The 6 Pack game is 1 ½ hours and the fee is $90 per Fall and / or Winter and the Doubles game is 1 ¼ hour and the fee is $75 per Fall and Winter Season.
  • I don’t use a computer that often, can I register manually or in person somehow?
    • Yes you can. Zack Kozak (our Club Manager) is at the club most days between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm. He can assist and get you registered in person and take payment by credit card, debit card or cheque at the club.
  • Is the club going to bring back the dividers between the sheets in the house?
    • Yes, the sheets will have the foam dividers like they did a couple years ago.
  • Is the club providing the sanitizers etc for us to clean our hands, rocks, scoring area, rental equipment etc ?
    • The simple answer is YES to all the above.
  • Can my family and or friends come to the club and watch.
    • The simple answer is NO. We do not want extra people in the club under Covid-19 protocol.
  • Will the bar and concession be open?
    • The concession will not be open in the Fall. This will be reviewed as Covid-19 rules change.
    • The bar will only be open for the last league games of the day.



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